mining research

Mining Research provides information and analysis of commodities either produced by or used in mining. These include metals, minerals, and mining consumables. Many companies enter new markets through either acquisition or design. Mining Research can help to inform and define markets, and indicate the steps required for a successful venture.

Over the past decade we have advised and reported on a wide range of commodities from copper powders to vermiculite resources. Markets for large mining trucks and DTH drills have also been assessed. Recent commissions include the development criteria for a silica sand deposit in West Africa and the market for explosives in the mining sector of Eastern Europe.

Mining Research offers a free evaluation service for new commissions. Examples of work undertaken can be seen in the completed commissions page download and our rates are fully competitive.

We are also experienced in producing publications ranging from corporate brochures to press releases and technical reports. Mining Research and its associated designers can help you publish your message in a clear and readable style.